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11/11/2018 6:49 pm  #1

Message Board DUST

Ok I just blew off some of the dust on this message board.

Phoggy or Max, the future is looking good for the Sixers and Flyers.

I'd say we can make some noise this year.

Speaking of making noise Max, please respond as soon as you stop screaming into your pillow.


1/14/2019 1:25 am  #2

Re: Message Board DUST

Hi Pan! Damn if I knew you were gonna say something i would have posted months ago. Get's tiring always logging in and nothing happening. Eagles lost today to New Orleans. I think Phoggy is mad at me for my stance on the Holocaust. Anyway Phog man if you read this I found new evidence that Jews were in fact gassed. So I'm back on that one. 

Trump? Pan these guys are all puppets for the central banks. OK so what have the republicans been saying for years about Obama care? "Remove and replace" right. So OK they elected Trum and he had a republican congress. Meaning they could pass any laws they wanted. Did they remove Obama care? Answer" No.

If you recall we electect Obama to bring home the troops from the middle east. When they first elected him we had a democratic congress. Did they bring the troops home? Answer" NO. 

Like George Carlin said. "The shit they shuffle around every couple of years doesn't mean a fuckin thing. But there is one thing I'm on to. Listen to me. Apply this and test the model or the theory.

Divide and conquer! Think about it? No matter hwo they elected we were gonna be a divided nation! Ha;f the voters hate Trump and the other half hate Hillary.

Look at the media....all they ever report is shit to divide us. Blacks against whites. Rich against poor. Gay against straight. Women against men. Pro lifers against pro choicers. Divide! Divide! Divide!

Then the other thing. And this is why the majority of news is always bad. They want us cynical. "The cynic is the tyrants best friend". So true. When you think nothing will ever change. When you think nothing can be done about it.....THEY WIN. That's exactly what they want us to think. So watch for that playing out in the news. Once you're on to it it's so easy to see. So blatant. 

Anyway my email is That's an underscore between "joe" and 561. I check it a few times a day. 

Email me when you post something. We can talk as much as you want. I'm retired now and fuckin broke! LOL! So I can't afford to do much until I'm 65 years old. Still have 5 1/2 years! LOL!

Oh and I hope the Phillies don't sign Machado!

Hope all is well with you. Handz you still alive? Phoggy? I hope all is well with you guys also. 


1/14/2019 1:28 am  #3

Re: Message Board DUST

Oh and they want us scared too. Always worried about something. And busy doing bullshit. Filling out forms. Filling out taxes...wading through a sea of never ending bullshit. LOL!


2/04/2019 1:10 pm  #4

Re: Message Board DUST

Max, i agree with all you wrote in your post of 1/14/2019 except for Machado.

I want Machado.

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2/04/2019 5:02 pm  #5

Re: Message Board DUST

Well been following the Sox and he is known for being a dirty player. Purposely doing stuff to injure other players. Like when he ran down to first and purposely tried to injure the foot of the first baseman. To me you're only seeing the tip of the iceberg. I want a gang like we had in Those guys were likeable and cool. To me it's not all about winning. You're certainly entitled to your own opinion though.


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