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12/19/2016 7:38 pm  #1

Nerlens Noel

We wasted a 3rd OVERALL pick on this douchebag?

"I'm too good to be playing only 8 minutes."

Umm, no you're not.

Jettison his ass to the Knicks for a free basketball.

I'm on a rampage.  You just KNOW Handzus is going to wiggle his hips on this one and disagree.


12/19/2016 7:47 pm  #2

Re: Nerlens Noel

They need to dump this clown for a bag of peanuts.  He IS a waste...


12/19/2016 9:18 pm  #3

Re: Nerlens Noel

He was right about being too good to play 8 minutes. He's better than Okafor who continues to start next to Embiid and get minutes. I don't think he handled himself in a way that was beneficial to himself or the team and I don't believe for a minute that his non-benching/benching isn't punitive. 


12/20/2016 7:32 pm  #4

Re: Nerlens Noel


His benching is entirely punitive.  He had ELECTIVE surgery against team advice, choose to rehab away from the team and attended no off season functions, not even promo photos.  

I agree he's a better fit with Embiid.  But he was a pussy cry baby. He must have gotten his advice from Sam Bradford...


12/20/2016 8:16 pm  #5

Re: Nerlens Noel

What do you guys think will happen when Simmons comes on board - as a GUARD, no less!!

I see a bright future, AND another top 5 pick THIS YEAR.

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12/24/2016 2:22 pm  #6

Re: Nerlens Noel


I'd rather see them trade Okafor than Noel.  they still need a shooter as Elyasova is on the last year of his deal.

The future is bright.  Remember they also hold the option on the Lakers pick (unless it's a Top 3) AND the option to  trade places with Sacramento if they get a better draft position.  Here's a look at their draft holdings for the next three years.  Okafor would get them another 1st rounder somewhere.


  • 1st round pick – 76ers or Kings (Sixers get better of their own pick or Kings pick).
  • 1st round pick – Lakers (unless it falls in the top 3, then it becomes unprotected in 2018).
  • 2nd round pick – The most favorable pick out of Golden State, New York, Detroit, and Utah.
  • 2nd round pick – The least favorable pick out of Golden State, New York, Detroit, and Utah.


  • 1st round pick – 76ers
  • 2nd round pick – 76ers
  • 2nd round pick – Nets or Cavs (whichever is better)
  • 2nd round pick – Clippers or Knicks (whichever is better)


  • 1st round pick – 76ers
  • 1st round pick – Kings (unprotected)
  • 2nd round pick – 76ers
  • 2nd round pick – Bucks or Kings (whichever is better)
  • 2nd round pick – Knicks

Drafting a shooter and or backup point guard is imperative...

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12/26/2016 7:38 pm  #7

Re: Nerlens Noel

Trust the Process.

The Lakers' pick seems like a solid bet to convey this year, in what's considered a very good draft. They should be able to add some talent to the backcourt this year one way or another. 


12/27/2016 1:00 pm  #8

Re: Nerlens Noel


I'm hoping the Sixers/Kings gets a top 3 & the Lakers get to #4.  You can trade okafor for a pick next year or even three years down the road.

In all Hinkie left them in a good place with cap room to spare...


1/01/2017 10:27 pm  #9

Re: Nerlens Noel

Okay Handzus, i'll trust the process.

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2/15/2017 3:43 am  #10

Re: Nerlens Noel


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