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1/20/2017 12:35 am  #1

Hall of Fame

Did you guys read what Jose Canseco wrote?

Pick them ALL from the steroid era or leave them all out.

Pudge Rodriguez?  Over Vlad Guerrero?

Nigga, please!


1/20/2017 7:01 pm  #2

Re: Hall of Fame

I vote to leave them out.  but Pudge & Bagwell have been linked to them as well.  Bonds, Clemens, etc leave them hang until their final year.  But put anasterick on ther "accomplishments".

They cheated...


1/23/2017 7:40 pm  #3

Re: Hall of Fame

AGREE 100%.  Frauds and would not have voted them in.

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1/23/2017 8:46 pm  #4

Re: Hall of Fame

Shouldn't the old timers get to say they were clean, couldn't hit a gazillion homers, etc.  

The record book is a joke...


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