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7/02/2018 2:58 pm  #1

Whatever Happened To Handzus?

He held on until last year, 2017, but didn't quite make it to 2018.  RIP good philly fan.  Hope to see you on the boards one day again - perhaps if we win it all?

Max, Phoggy and I are finally going to go see a game. 

Stop being such a self-conscious homo and come to the game.  We know you weigh 350 lbs but we can sit you in a corner seat and break off the end so that you can spill over comfortably.

First beer is on me, but I am not buying you any food.

Send me an email -

Phoggy and I are looking at a game in August 2018 or before.

Hit me back, and this time please, no photos of your genitals.



7/02/2018 5:10 pm  #2

Re: Whatever Happened To Handzus?


Here's the schedules for the Phils.  I'm good with anything in July/Aug/Sep except for 8/8 thru 8/18.  
I've retired so going to a game is easy for me.  

I would even do an Iron Pigs game if Max doesn't want to go to Philly.  Let me know. Pan, I sent you an email.


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